Passionate about the Art of Being Alive!

“What could be more nourishing than supporting a curious new generation, to be aware and innocent to be alive?”

“What could be more nourishing than supporting a curious new generation, to be aware and innocent to be alive?”

Inspired by the new generation

If the new generation is going to invent the world of tomorrow, let’s facilitate the tools and knowledge that they need, in a fun way through the biggest “playground” for exploration and expression possible.

The idea behind Impulse has been building up through 20 years of collective and individual training led by Vasanti. To witness the beauty of the energy of the young generations has touched her so deeply, that it served as the inspiration to create Impulse Festival.

Through her experience Vasanti understood that, far from the idealized vision of youth, the “quarter-life crisis” is marked by a lack of meaning, pressure and the quest for happiness. This crisis —whether it is societal, ecological, human, biological or identity-based— is real, and taking this turn is essential.

the Festival Founders

the Festival Founders


A forerunner Body Psychotherapist specialized on Sexual Grounding Therapy® and Vegetotherapy (original therapeutic of Wilhelm Reich). She has been teaching “Love and Ecstasy Training” for many years. And enjoyed 15 years of experience working with the young generation.

She works with people of all generations, backgrounds, and cultures, leading workshops of her own creation. For over 20 years the common thread running through her work has been the energy of life, a synthesis that incorporates the full complexity of the person. She is committed to bridging the gap between psychology, ancestral rituals and Tantra.

Inspired by Babaji’s teaching and her life as a wife and mother, Vasanti facilitates a transformation process full of humanity and professionalism.



A trainer, and a Coach in relational development, and organizational consultant. He is the founder of the IVOLVE training organization.

Emmanuel works in organizations and institutions, on the themes of power and authority, group therapy facilitation, individual and collective development, emerging models of governance, stress management, creativity and collective intelligence.

Driven by his passion for human people and shamanism, he explores links between traditional healing and occidental therapies. His approach is inspired by the dynamic spiral of Clare Graves, Augusto Boal’s theatre-forum, MAPS research and Brian Robertson’s Holacracy.

He experienced Burning Man in 2013. Since then, he’s part of the core team of a camp in the Nowhere Burn in Spain. He brings the Burn identity to the Impulse festival.


IMPULSE FESTIVALS has been created in October 2018 with the intention of organizing and supporting the festival throughout the years.

Thanks to Marceau Guerin (President), Baptiste Savatier (Treasurer), and Lyla Morel (Secretary), the festival has a clear structure and a helpful governance.

This project is also supported by a great team of incredible young adults and thirty ( Emilie, Marceau, Oriane, Sarah,Doris, Arthur, Ombeline, Lyla,, Baptiste,Thibault…), and lots of volunteers who will be present during the festival. Without their impulse, this creation of beautiful madness would not have been possible.