We are gonna make this event epic!

Internationally acclaimed musicians and performers will be creating Soundscape Meditations, Variety shows, Dance, Fire Shows, Ecstatic Dance, Singing Circles, Cacao Ceremonies…

And many other amazing happenings !




DJ Keena.Maya and DJ Joro-Boro

Based in New York, this project explores sound as the intersection of space, presence, listening, and relating to oneself, to others, and to one’s environment. BEING((:))SOUND creates live bass meditations, DJ sets, and interactive experiences that mix a variety of sound sources: live, recorded, processed through effects, acoustic, & electronic. Psychoacoustic effects and deep listening practices open up the wonders and mysteries hidden in everyday life. Being as sound and silence, stillness and movement.

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DJ Keena.Maya
Keena.Maya is a trained and practising architectural designer. This her work explores how sound informs the experience of environment and space.

DJ Joro-Boro
Joro-Boro pioneered Balkan music and Global Bass in the US. His sets cover an array of genres from post-national bass to crypto crunk to a number of local music. He has toured with Balkan Beat Box and performed with artists ranging from Bassnectar to Omar Souleyman.


Solo Healing Concert. Mystical Music, Songs and Meditation.

Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, whose heart-centered music invites you on an adventurous inner journey. The musical nomad learned his art in the schools and musical melting pots all over the world. His playful, passionate and interactive music combines Shamanic power, Heart medicine, Indian sweetness, Mantra ecstasy, Jazz virtuosity, World rhythms and Meditative depth into his own blend of Sacred World Fusion.
With the help of Live looping he multi-layers sheets of sound into whole symphonies that give the listener experiences of inner bliss, connection and wholeness.

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Praful’s 10 solo albums garnered international success and top 10 Billboard notations. Bestselling author Eckhart Tolle Eckhart Tolle has found his music «tremendously beautiful and deeply touching».


Instrumental music conductive to meditation

A talented musician and compositor that makes inspiring Kirtan music both full of love and musically unique. He gives concerts all over the world, using Bhajans and Kirtans with the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra and his own compositions.
An intelligent fusion of tradition, sound and hindo-mediterranean culture produces a unique musical style, often described as subtle, energetic, emotional, passionate and transcendent.

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He is an ambassador of Peace and Wellbeing. He has produced various CD’s of Devotional songs, personal compositions in different languages, and instrumental music conductive to meditation.

Joris Feuillâtre

Intuitive and meditative music

Joris Feuillâtre is a musician, music therapist and instrument maker. He build and plays the kamalengoni, intuitive harp luth since 2004 and created the house of ngoni in 2012. He shares his passion for intuitive music through proposing meditative concerts, instrument crafting workshops,

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African drum instructor during 20 years, he teach and play the kamalengoni into various country of Europe, mixing his creative approach and the traditionnal african repertoire. This instrument is magic due to is pentatonic scale, so you can’t make wrong notes.

Yves Mesnil

Shamanic music

For Yves Mesnil music is a spiritual practice, with intuitive, shamanic or channelling music.

Each concert is a unique, improvised experience.


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Guitarist originally, then vocalist, he has been nourished by multiple sources of inspiration ranging from rock, jazz, and various world music. Yves participates in many festivals around the world: Le Rêve de l’Aborigène, Le Souffle du Rêve, Festival International de Guitare de Ballainvilliers, Festival Talguit’Art d’Agadir Satellit Café, Leeds College of Music, London, USA, Mexico…


Multi-instrumentiste et ingénieux du son, Jérémy Nattagh a rassemblé toutes ses influences et expériences en un show unique, Panoramique.

Entouré de ses 4 hangs et de sa batterie jouée aux pieds, il vous emmènera dans l’ivresse des grooves ethniques, de la trance acoustique et du lyrisme de ses compositions.



Lara Castiglioni

Compagnie entre Terre et Ciel

Monica Basset




Isabelle Chapius 

Isabelle Chapius

Photographe plasticienne

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